Tips for Working at Home

Most all of my programming work over the years has been at home. The only office work I did was in the 1990s and there I was managing projects and programming teams. But when I was hired to work in-house for the company I had done contract work I was hired as a technical director and not as a programmer. One of my first tasks turn out to be bringing some programmers who worked at home in-house. They were having problems doing remote work and one was remarked how happy he was to be brought into the office.

Working at home isn’t easy for some. It takes certain discipline. But there are a few tricks for it. When I worked at home I always took care of any errands, exercise, etc at the start of the day. This way none of these things like grocery shopping or going for my walk didn’t hang over my head as a distraction while I tried to work.

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The 3 people who are probably reading this site may have noticed that there is now a “padlock” showing (depending on browser) along with the site address (URL). Yes I finally got around to making this a “secure” site not that it needed it because here is no login or much of anything else that needed it. But I figured as long as “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificates are free I might as well do it. Why pay my hosting service to run a script to do that? Of course their certificates are good for a year and the free ones only 90 days but the certificate provider I used will email you in advance of the expiration of the certificate so it may be updated for another 90 days.

About the only thing that needed fixing here was the URL reference in the config file change to HTTPS and once that was done and the site generated all pages with the old URL reference were updated.

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Update or Not...

That is the question. My first main Xamarin project was done using their PCL “Portable” system. It was fairly easy to set up though I spent probably just as many hours dealing with Xamarin workarounds as I did my own code. The advantage was one codebase for three platforms and being able to use C#.

Since then Xamarin has been pushing using .NET Standard builds instead of PCL. In fact PCL is no longer available creating a new project. So I decided to try updating my app to .NET. The process is somewhat simple and I used this article as a guide. Actually I had done this before on a smaller project.

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Buzzwords: React

As many of us know the software industry is always filled with buzzwords and the latest trends. I often like to check out what is new and see if there is any opportunity for fun, learning and maybe some extra income.

I’ve mentioned that I like Xamarin for cross platform development. But there are other solutions looking to compete in that market too. One is React which uses JavaScript to do things from websites to native mobile apps. Chances are if you’re a software developer reading this you already may know more about React than I do or am going to present so bear with me.

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