The 3 people who are probably reading this site may have noticed that there is now a “padlock” showing (depending on browser) along with the site address (URL). Yes I finally got around to making this a “secure” site not that it needed it because here is no login or much of anything else that needed it. But I figured as long as “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificates are free I might as well do it. Why pay my hosting service to run a script to do that? Of course their certificates are good for a year and the free ones only 90 days but the certificate provider I used will email you in advance of the expiration of the certificate so it may be updated for another 90 days.

About the only thing that needed fixing here was the URL reference in the config file change to HTTPS and once that was done and the site generated all pages with the old URL reference were updated.

One of the reasons I got around to this was a need for support form in the apps I sell. Would you believe I get this emails saying “the app don’t work”? So which app? Which platform? The support form is a web page on my hosting site. It worked from a webview flawlessly unless I wanted to publish the app. Then it threw a CLEARTEXT exception. This on Android and iOS just won’t show the page. Best solution was to make the domain that page was on SSL. That took care of the problem.

That page grabs the app name, version and platform version and includes it in the email which is sent to me. So no need to ask back “which app and which platform?” Apparently some of my customers thought I was more psychic than I am.