Net Neutrality:Where's the Rules?

It’s been about a week alread after the FCC voted on the Net Neutrality rules. As yet we’ve been unable to see them so much of what has been written has been speculation. I suspect that the delay of making the rules available to the public is that they must be released in print from the Government Printing Office as they are released in PDF form online. I believe this has happened before.

Of course the telecoms aren’t happy. They don’t want to be regulated but be free to soak you for as much as they can get away with. And if they pass on the cost of regulation perhaps we should support attempts for your local community to build it’s own municipal system. The Internet should be in the commons anyway since it is a “highway.”

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I like Mark Cuban's movies but...

I seem to watch a lot of movies that Mark Cuban’s Magnolia Films
and Magnet distribute. His company is a venue for movies that
would be playing art houses if they hadn’t disappeared from the
landscape. However I feel his is a little off in his concern about
the proposed FCC rules regardling Net Neutrality.

Wealth apparently has it’s priviledges as he apparently has been able
to review the 332 pages of rules the FCC wants to pass. Yeah, the ones
we the public aren’t allowed to see. Go to
and see if you can find those rules.

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Democratizing the Arts

Back in the day to be in the arts was a risky career choice. Hence the term “starving artist”. I was told this when I was a kid but it was like holding up a red cape at a bull. So I chose a career in music. I began my professional career at age 15 when local musicians had a problem finding available drummers for their weekend gigs. This even required getting an approval from the national offices of the American Federation of Musicians.

I stayed with this as principal career still playing regular gigs, often 5 or 6 nights a week until early 1989. That’s when I got too busy with my second career of computer programming. The new career provided stable and good income and I thought I had it made for life but that turned out not to be true but will be the subject of my next blog post.

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Changing the Scenery

An update to my personal site was long overdue. I had checked out a variety of different templates and open source web design systems to update my site. These included Bootstrap, Jekyll, and MiddleMan. I settled on Hugo as it was just an app to install and runs from the command line. With the other systems you need to make sure you had all the correct versions of Rails and Rake. Since Hugo is an app it takes care of all that and runs using Go.

I had also used Octopress for my blog but then found Michael Henderson’s port to Hugo of the Octopress theme. I’m also using it here with some modifications, specifically to make the site completely use relative addressing. Apparently most of the themes for Hugo are developed by folks who host sites on GitHub and it may not work well with relative addressing but my web host prefers it (plus it makes things simpler).

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