Updating Part Two

If you were able to read last year’s post about updating this blog then you were lucky. I mentioned before that this site was unreachable for awhile do to a DNS mixup. Seems it happened again. So this time I decided to drop the old static site generator, Hugo, and am trying Gatsby. For one thing Hugo use Go as a language and I was not that familiar with it. Gatsby uses Javascript which I am familiar with. So here is the site in Gatsby.

Cross Platform Update: I finally did get a MacBook Air a little over a year ago and have been publishing iOS apps. Also planned is a Mac app too since there are very few in that app genre. This will also be the basis of another cross platform app with a different layout. The current Xamarin project has two sets of code: one for portrait (phones) and one for tablets and desktop in landscape.

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Fun Updating the Site

My previous posts were done with a much older version version of Hugo the static site generator. In fact the version was 0.14. Hugo is now at version 0.42.2. The problem I learned was Hugo does not really maintain a Wiki with migration instructions. Turns out there wasn’t a lot to fix but those fixes weren’t that well documented.

Don’t get me wrong, Hugo is a fine tool for creating websites. A lot of hard work and fine effort has been put into it. But when I read the comments in the forum there are often unresolved problems. Currently over on the right in the sidebar you should be seeing a list of recent posts. But due to a change they aren’t there. It’s not exactly clear why they aren’t. And one thing we really don’t want to be doing is going back and editing old posts to make them work with a newer version of Hugo.

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Cross Development Fun

In the last post I mentioned development using Visual Studio 2017 for developing a new app for Android, Windows and iOS. The Android app was released in late October and the Windows 10 version a week ago. For now the iOS version is on hold until next year. I still have to buy a Mac. The game using SDL2 is also on hold until funding is forthcoming.

This was my first experience with the Windows Store. I found it a much more mature experience than Google Play which has some things missing. For one, I was able to offer the Windows 10 app, which runs on both desktop and mobile with a 7 day free trial which currently is not possible on Google Play. Microsoft has 1, 7, 15 and 30 day free trial options. So unlike Android where I created some minimally functioning demo versions the trial version suffices.

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Going Universal

Continuing on the Universal Windows Platform track, last fall I started working with Xamarin Forms in Microsoft’s Visual Studio. I had done several apps using .NET and Microsoft Forms but Xamarin offered a way to create one app using the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) to create an app for Android, Windows and iOS.

I’ve had a number of requests for iOS apps over the years but I shied away from doing them because 1) I didn’t own a Mac and 2) nor did I want to invest time in learning Objective C which has little use outside of Apple products. UWP offered a way to do this.

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