Over the Top Programming Examples

One of the problems I run into developing for a new platform, SDK or toolset is finding examples that are not “over the top”. Seems that some of the SDK developers feel the need to write a kitchen sink example that you have to wade through to just figure out how something works. It’s like their kitchen sink (or Swiss army knife) is intended to be a resume for their next job instead of helping developers get up and running quickly.

I’ve been attempting to do some cross development with Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin. I’ve written apps on Xamarin for Android only and have developed some apps for Windows using C#. Next up was trying out the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to make one app that could run on Windows, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. That is the goal of UWP but it’s really not quite there yet.

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Finding This

Since I own my name as a domain and have had a blog for years I was a little puzzled when folks I used to work with had trouble locating me on the Internet. I don’t have a Facebook page but have had a LinkedIn account for years which is how some old friends found me.

It used to be that a search on my name would list the blog on the first page. The free blog that came with the web host went away so I needed to implement my own. Hence this site. Thing is that apparently Hugo with I use to author with has some quirks and that caused a 301 error with some browsers (particularly Firefox).

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I guess I'm not a blogger

It’s been months since I’ve written anything here. I’ve been busy with some projects that have taken a lot of time. Usual excuse, huh?

What I’m confronting now are two upgrades of development machines. The machine I’m writing this on is a 4 year old Linux box running Ubuntu Studio. It’s plenty fast except for one thing: it can’t run Android emulators very fast at all.

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