Finding This

Since I own my name as a domain and have had a blog for years I was a little puzzled when folks I used to work with had trouble locating me on the Internet. I don’t have a Facebook page but have had a LinkedIn account for years which is how some old friends found me.

It used to be that a search on my name would list the blog on the first page. The free blog that came with the web host went away so I needed to implement my own. Hence this site. Thing is that apparently Hugo with I use to author with has some quirks and that caused a 301 error with some browsers (particularly Firefox).

That problem was also detected when my software site was missing from searches after years of being on the first page of a search for the genre. It was solved months back but tests didn’t show this site was also suffering from it. Then checking yesterday I noted this site was displaying the same problem. Hopefully it is now resolved and I’ll be easier to find. It’s not like I’m a celebrity or anything and I’m not a math professor.